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Weekly Review 3/5/23

One of the goals for this week was for me to maintain a consistent position size. With this, I have had losses, but none big enough to wipe out progress for the week.  Over time this will be additive and keep me progressing with a positive slope on the profit chart. 

The other goal for the week was to focus on my Intraday system pattern (A, B, and C). I really needed to focus on a system approach to the flow of the market by first looking for reaction zones to determine the flow of the market for a possible entry than using key levels for another entry. Other entries will be off of clear reaction zones during the day for further entries if permitted. I adhered to this well, and it was orders of magnitude less stressful than what I was doing before. It makes it much easier to be patient and wait for the setups to form. I am still developing this approach, but it relies heavily on the synergy between a relational pattern of patterns. It is designed to happen intraday with at least 2+ setups per day with SPY or other large-cap stocks (options strategy only). 

Moving on to next week, my main focus will be to sustain this approach and focus on options trading. If Reaction Zones form on big % gainers on individual stocks, I will take a small position to capture some of the moves to the upside as I did on ONCS. This will be my first week posting my process online, so looking forward to how I post and what can be learned to propel myself forward!


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