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Day Trading SPY, TSLA, UNCY & BBIO: 3/6/23

  • Focus on Intraday System Pattern A-C. 
  • Patience is the key to solid entries and to maintaining low-stress levels.
  • Focus on SPY options is priority #1.
  • TSLA options is #2.
  • Top % gainers for stocks is #3.

  • It Seems like SPY is continuing on an uptrend.
    • Might have a pullback for a potential call entry in the 402.50 key-level bounce zone.
    • Might have a spike towards open and a potential RZ bounce around the 404.50 area for a continued uptrend.
  • No high-impact economic data today.
  • It Seems like TSLA is sideways for now.
    • potential RZ break bounce above 200 (wait for retest).
    • potential key level bounce around 195 area.
  • UNCY looking like it could keep running marking levels for a Reaction Zone (RZ) break
  • BBIO also looks like it could keep running. Marking levels for an RZ break too.

  • Frustrating, I missed my entry on SPY RZ bounce for calls...I had the order ready but messed up putting it in time because I had an order error on fidelity because they do not allow 0DTE. I knew that just selected the wrong day, and the bounce had already happened by the time I was ready to put in the trade. Did not want to chase, so it is what it is. Missing a solid trade has annoyed me because I was right there.
  • TSLA might set up for a KL bounce in a bit
  • Need to wait on SPY for the KL reject.
  • got in TSLA calls at the 195 KL....had my eye on the HOD RZ break on SPY, too but was already in TSLA within seconds of breaking. Of course, it was a nice RZ breakout that I am not in.
  • Market seems strong luck, I'm in TSLA, and it can't even bounce!
    • it is an observation, though, that these KL plays take more time to play I will be more patient here....starting to build excellent support now, so I'm not as stressed for now.
  • decided to get out of TSLA calls...not bouncing the way I want, and also, SPY is getting close to the KL reject zone, so I want to be ready for that....if SPY rejects hard will get smashed if I am in TSLA.
  • LOL, of course, TSLA continues to bounce...gonna be one of those days where I miss the mark on everything.
  • Will look to enter SPY puts around 407.50
  • It Seems like SPY is running into some resistance in at the lower high...will see if it can reverse the trend now...
  • Sold my position into the RZ below... probably will take a while to go down, but I just wanted to lock in decent profits. I missed my mark today, so I don't want to have the idea of perfection in my mind just to get things going my way. Whenever I think that way, things actually play out against me, and small gains turn into a red day and, depending on whether I am emotional, can turn into a big red day relatively.
  • Things seem to be slowing down...might call it a day soon.

  • I Feel sad and frustrated that I missed the ideal move this morning due to an execution error.
  • But also glad I could maintain a level head and stayed patient waiting for the subsequent setups. They were not the most fast-moving plays but were solid plays nonetheless. 
  • In summary placed 2 trades today
    • SPY KL rejection
    • TSLA KL bounce


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