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I am a full-time day trader with the primary goal of being able to consistently navigate the markets every day. We live in a unique time with so much opportunity. Please join me on my journey as I develop my trading strategies.

Before leaping into full-time day trading, I traded stocks on and off for several years. I first became interested in the market during my junior year of college and slowly learned more about investing and day trading. I eventually completed my B.S. in Microbiology and Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Arizona. As my interest grew both in the markets and science, I continued to learn about the markets and also went on to earn a Professional Science Master's in Applied Bioscience and completed the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Arizona.

After experiencing the workforce for some time, working in microbiological and also cancer diagnostics industries, I continued to have a strong pull towards entrepreneurship and day trading. Then the pull was too great one day, and I crossed the event horizon. There is no going back now.

I started day trading full-time in October 2020. The journey up to now, March 2023,  has been difficult. As I share some of my developments in the following posts, I tend to be holistic in my approach to the market. The markets are complex, and the path forward can be simplified, but a solid understanding is needed before walking down the path of innovation. Nothing is insignificant, and by questioning everything, I tend to arrive at conclusions/solutions with a more informed understanding. 

Creating this blog will solidify my thinking and help me grow in my day-trading journey. It has come to a point where I need to write and journal my progress in a way that propels me forward. Everything on this site is my opinion and a detailed collection of experiences that will hopefully take me to new heights. I welcome feedback, but this is more for my development as a trader. I am happy to share all this information because many of the things I have learned were freely available. This is my way of giving back, and I hope that if you find my page, you can take away something that helps you in your own journey, or it simply helps trigger a different way of thinking for your own trading. 




Popular Posts

Weekly Review: 5/8/23 to 5/12/23

  My Weekly Review Process OVERVIEW I started the week with little to show for it on Monday . I played what I was supposed to, but my thresholds were hit, and looking back, I got in too soon and sold too soon. Other than that, I was dead on with the play. It was more of a timing/patience game. Which is hard to work on when I am still trying to gain confidence. Tuesday continued to provide adamant resistance to success. I was 100% ready for opportunities, but the follow-through on my plays left much to be deserved. Nonetheless, I played what I needed to play and left it at that. Frustration was definitely building up here.  On Wednesday , more testing of patience and timing. I still need to improve in achieving profitability, but I am on the right track with my chosen plays. The opportunities were clear, but my mindset and self hindered my success. I see it more clearly than ever. Relinquishment will help correct this, and patience and mindfulness will help stabilize it. The day ended


  Updates on Future Posts MOVING CONTENT TO X (Twitter) I will no longer be that active on my webpage but will shift to my X account.  I have learned and grown from my experience writing blog posts/ recording in my online day trading journal. At this time, I feel a stronger pull to change the medium by which I document and share my progress. Change and growth is an ongoing process.  I look forward to the future. Sincerely, Helixtrader36  Follow @helixtrader36 Tweets by helixtrader36

Day Trader Behavior Cycles: The Foundations of Change

  Reward and Punishment Cycles THE QUESTION What Behaviors Do I Repeat? As I stepped into the realm of trading full-time, I quickly realized how psychology and specific behaviors can positively or negatively affect trader performance. Beginning trading full-time in one of the most hyper-inflated markets and one of the best bull markets in history, I witnessed very volatile and drastic moves. Having been learning about the market on and off for a couple years before full-time immersion, I was approaching the market cautiously. But due to the highly bullish nature of the market, it seemed my cautious approach was nothing more than a hindrance. As I started participating in the market, I slowly fell into a false sense of security. I knew this wouldn't last forever, but the opportunity was too great to not push and be a part of the crowd. People made lots of money regardless of what or when they bought. Those who held and hoped were rewarded handsomely. As the days, weeks, and months w